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ART in the Wild-- Ok, it's time to reveal our next venture. 

Thanks to James & Genetter Bradley, the Philanthropy Alliance Foundation (the Alliance) will be reviving the historic homestead of our Founder's 

Great Grandparents (Isaac and Cynthia Canady), located on

what's known as Canady Hill, outside of Morrilton, AR.

As a program under the Alliance, the historic 30 acres,

now called Oglesby Acres, will serve as the home of

Gallery Grapevine, offering open-air art exhibits, artists

retreats, camping, and more. 

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From art classes, to comedy and poetry . . .
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ART IN THE WILD-- we've relocated . . .

​Gallery Grapevine was featured on abc's Good Morning Arkansas on June 19, 2018.

As the first project under the newly established Philanthropy Alliance Foundation, Gallery Grapevine is designed to not only advance the arts in Central Arkansas, our goal is to form alliances with local artist to aid in exposing their work and expanding their network.  In addition to offering plein air (open-air) and painting  classes, we're creating networking opportunities for the arts, while linking artists to our vast global network of artist, photographers and other creative minds all over the world.

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