For more than 30 years, as the Founders of Gallery Grapevine, we've realized that over dinner, we have networked with some of the top political leaders, activists, athletes, entertainers, comedians, business owners and community gatekeepers all over the world.  During these memorable dinner discourses, great conversations were held, astonishing ideas were ignited, and unbelievable relationships were developed.  But, once leaving those magical feasts, so often the conversations, ideas and relationships went nowhere.

Dinner Talk (DT) is designed to actively connect the thought leaders across the globe, to eat, conversate, collaborate and act on the thought-provoking, intimate conversations, while further establishing cooperative relationships that will build businesses, create jobs, impact communities and address issues at hand.

In addition, DT will lend global exposure to sponsoring eateries and chefs, to aid in also escalating their business and publicity.

Nothing creates great conversation like good food!

Dinner Talk's  (DT) all-exclusive, organized conversations will take place simultaneously with select Dinner Hosts (D-Host) and their Dinner Guests (DG).   With joint conversations transpiring via virtual technology, DT will effectively connect actual dinner tables world-wide, with the change-makers that will not only "talk-about-it", they're positioned to instigate change, and be-about-it.

From a location of their choice, i.e., home, office, business, etc.; Hosts will create a comfortable, relaxed environment, ideal for a delicious meal, for actual, in-person, intellectual conversations to take place.  

Inviting DGs from their close and extended tribe, Hosts are encouraged to ask distinct individuals (family, friends and colleagues), with varying personalities, interests and ideas, to interact over a meal, to invoke real conversations, thoughts, actions and outcomes.

Originating at the Gallery Grapevine, in small-town Conway, AR, hosted DT dinner sessions will be simultaneously taking place in select locations, from Los Angeles, CA, Oregon, Baltimore, and Atlanta, GA, to international locations like Paris and Nigeria.
As an invitation-only experience, Dinner Talks are going to be REVOLUTIONARY for ENJOYMENT, ENLIGHTMENT & EMPOWERMENT!

Are you ready to have some stimulating discussions, while enjoying tantalizing delicacies, and learning about other individuals, communities and lands?  If so, tell us more below.

If this sounds intriguing, and you're interested a hosting a DT; if selected, you'll be the only Host in your city (only one DT per municipality).