Two awesome instructors in one day!

Charcoal Class with Dema Clark

With years of experience in various mediums, Dema will open your eyes to new techniques.  For those that want to try something new, learn how to create beautiful works of art in a new medium.  If you're already working in charcoal, you'll learn new and advanced strategies.

Gain exceptional instruction in three 2 1/2 hour sessions. Participate in the 3-session bundle for $75, or attend only 1-2 sessions for $30/day.

Class Dates:

November 10, 2018   11:30a - 2:00p

​November 17, 2018   11:30a - 2:00p

​November 24, 2018   11:30a - 2:00p

Supplies Needed:

   1) Paper (drawing or newsprint), suggested size smaller than 18x24

   2) Charcoal Sticks or Pencils (black, with charcoal or pastel)

   3) Knead eraser & white

   4) Pencil (HB, 2B, 4B, BB)

Acrylics Class with Judy Garcie

Join Judy, an artist with a passion for art since she was a young girl.  She'll help you fine-tune your own unique style.

Anyone can learn how to create beautiful landscapes from Judy's step-by-step instructions.  Or, are you ready to crate beautiful artwork for the holidays.  Whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, she'll walk you through producing beautiful works of art; or if experienced, you'll still learn new techniques to enhance your skills.

Gain exceptional instruction in three 2 1/2 hour sessions. Participate in the 3-session bundle for $75, or attend only 1-2 sessions for $30/day.

Class Dates:

​November 10, 2018   2:30p - 5:00p
​November 17, 2018   2:30p - 5:00p
​November 24, 2018   2:30p - 5:00p

Supplies needed:

1) One white, black, yellow, red, blue, green, purple and brown tubes of paint

2) Three brushes (1inch, 2 inch, small and large flat, small round, small angle, fan, and liner

3) Canvas or Canvas Board.  Suggested size 11 x 14, but student can select a preferred size

LOCATION:  Held at the Gallery Grapevine, 740 S. Salem Road, Suite 100/101, Conway, AR 72034 (corner of Dave Ward & Salem in same complex as Dominos)

For additional information or questions call (501) 499-6171.
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