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According to various articles and reports, viewing original artwork in person is a unique experience. Seeing a copy, no matter how well duplicated, is not the same thing as seeing the actual piece of art. Why?  The original piece reflects the artist’s “blood, sweat and tears”, that it took to produce their work.

As a matter of fact, Yale University and a team of scholars argues that “art is seen as a physical extension of the self, and imbued with the person’s soul and essence.” That being the case, the researchers write in the journal Topics in Cognitive Science, “the original possesses an essence that cannot be duplicated.”

These have been our featured Artists that have dedicated themselves to producing original pieces of work, that you don’t want to miss.

The British Psychological Society published an article in Research Digest (August 2012) that suggests that people placed more value on a bronze sculpture when they thought the artist had touched it more with his own hands (vs machine duplicated), while also reading more about the artists.  So, when we cherish an original piece of art, it seems we do so partly because we value, not just the end-product, but the originality of the performance that created it.  Moreover, we believe that the work has a special quality about it because it came from the very hands of a particular artist. 

Lewy Borne

Dema Clark

Jo Moorehead

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Lois Girogis

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Kylie Richardson

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