Gallery Grapevine (G-Vine) is our artistic project under the newly established Philanthropy Alliance Foundation, and was birthed from our shared adoration for the arts.  In addition to our mutual passion, we realize the importance of preserving the arts.

People ask, after being in beautiful, sunny Southern California for more than 30 years, why did we choose to open the Gallery in Conway, Arkansas?  "Well, in addition to loving the south’s southern hospitality, Arkansas is centered in the middle of the United States, and is strategically located to easily reach thousands that are ready for new ideas, activities and excitement. We're looking forward to bringing our global collaborations and international artists. speakers and trainers to this vibrant, emergent, city, and to Central Arkansas.”

Through G-Vine’s artist initiative, our goal is to strategically select veteran artists that will aid in exposing, mentoring, and accelerating local artists, while expanding the arts community of Conway and surrounding communities. By forming artist alliances, and strengthening the capacity of collaborating national and international galleries and programs, G-Vine is also focused on securing needed capital to advance the goals of creatives, while linking local illustrators to needed resources and venues – ensuring the expansion and sustainability of small and struggling arts enterprises.

G-Vine will also expose local youth to the arts. This is important because it is reported that youth who have access to the arts in or out of school, also tend to have better academic results, better workforce opportunities, and more civic engagement.

We're exciting about making Conway our home, and look forward to establishing new friendships, collaborations and strategies with the local arts community and residents.

In unity,
Ray & Sherita